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Sales From regional planes like the New E-190 to long range wide body airplanes like B767-ER, with the help of our expertise we will advice you to the right one for your operation. With knowledge in the financial sector, we can even help you to get finance. Enter
Leasing In a dynamic and sometimes challenging global economy, it is important to partner with a company that has agility, vision, financial strength and accountability. Enter
Engines ZGA understands that from a Lessor perspective, ensuring a seamless transition of serviceable aircraft between parties is vital to realise maximum operational value from both the engines and aircraft asset as a whole. Enter
Engineering No matter how big or small your repair needs are ZGA can help by improving quality, reducing time & cost to put you again in the AIR. Enter
Aircraft Services Record reviews involve a comprehensive collation, review and presentation of the engines paperwork demonstrating that they accurately reflect the engines maintenance. Enter
Aircraft Parts Extensive inventory of landing gears assemblies components and expendables. Comprehensive spare program to support airlines and maintenance organizations. Enter

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ZGA From a Simple Part to Complete Aircraft Management.