No matter how big or small your repair needs are, ZGA can help by improving quality, reducing time & cost to put you again in the AIR. We can help your airline or new startup operation in the following areas AIRCRAFT DELIVERY AND RE DELIVERY PROCEDURES. From the aircraft manufacture, leasing company of MRO’s. We can also assist your during your C & D check’s, engine swaps, gear swaps or any major repair or alteration on your aircraft.


Aircraft delivery
and redelivery process

We have an experience team that can assist you thru the delivery and reception of a new or use aircraft or your aircraft redelivery or return at the end of a lease. Our reports accurately reflect the aircraft and engines maintenance status and are compliant with regulatory standards, and forms part of our inspection programs provided as a standalone service.



Our record review services involve a comprehensive collation, review and presentation of the aircraft and engines paperwork, demonstrating that they accurately reflect the maintenance status and are compliant with regulatory standards.


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Our engineers will overview the detailed scopes of work, closely manage any ongoing technical and commercial dialogue and ensure our client receives the most cost-effective solutions to meet their specific objectives. Effective management of aircraft’s undergoing maintenance allows airlines, lessors and investors to retain the appropriate level of control during the repair process by using an experienced ZGA engineer specialized in all aspects of aircraft maintenance.



Our fleet management services cover all of our company’s management services within one program targeted specifically for Airline clients. Removing the operational burden from the airline assuring that their maintenance programs are being optimized and managed to achieve the lowest cost of operation with all the technical, commercial, contractual, regulatory and airworthiness aspects associated within airlines operations, ensuring our clients continuous visibility of the key technical and commercial risks impacting their fleet, allowing proactive management, ensuring and maintaining the value of their assets.

From a single part
number to complete
aircraft management.

ZGA offers a vast inventory of new and refurbished airframes, engines, gears & APU parts for virtually every commercial aircraft type.