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mayor Jet Engine

Our Engine Services Team has the experience, resources, certifications and global reach to ensure that nothing stands in the way of your engine.


Experience, resources
and Global Reach

Our engineers specialize in every mayor jet engine. PW800 / PW1100G / PW1400G / PW1500G / PW1900G / PW1700G / PW1200G / PW2000; PW4000; PW6000 CFM: CFM56-2: CFM56-3; CFM56-5A; CFM56-5B; CFM56-5C; CFM56-7B Leap 1A/ 1B/ GE Family: CF6/50/80; CF34-3/8/10 Series GE90 IAE: V2500 Family. Rolls-Royce:RB211 Family Trent 800; Trent 700; Trent 7000, Trent 500, TAY650/620. Allison AE3007, 501D Family. PWC: PW121/PW123/PW124/PW127


On wing & Off wing
Performance Assessment

Operators and lessors often find themselves needing to assess the performance of an engine to establish the remaining on-wing life or to confirm whether the engine meets lease acceptance conditions. Using extensive knowledge of the performance attributes across all major engines types, ZGA can analyze the results gained from over viewing an engine performance test, either on or off-wing, to confidently predict the expected remaining time to shop visit and confirm compliance with lease acceptance conditions.


Engine Health

Analysis of on-wing performance trends is vital in identifying potential on-wing problems and initiating troubleshooting at an early stage. Performance trend analysis is also an important tool in the prediction of future shop visits. Using our extensive knowledge of on-wing performance trends, ZGA is able to provide customers with a real-time trend analysis service covering all recorded engine parameters such as EGT margin, vibration levels, shaft speeds, oil consumption and fuel flow. A regular report is provided to the customer detailing the findings from this analysis along with any troubleshooting recommendations and effects on future shop visit predictions. Immediate troubleshooting recommendations are communicated upon any anomaly identification.


Engine Borescope

A detailed borescope inspection reveals much about the current serviceability of an engine and likely remaining on-wing life. As a result a borescope inspection is generally used to confirm whether an engine meets lease/purchase acceptance conditions. ZGA engineers are highly experienced at over viewing engine borescope inspections to determine not only the current serviceability but also the effect of any damage (even that within manual limits) on the time until next expected next shop visit. The ZGA engineer will be present on-site to overview the entire inspection being carried out and will report to the customer all details of any findings with the related effect on the immediate engine serviceability and future shop visit predictions.

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ZGA offers a vast inventory of new and refurbished airframes, engines, gears & APU parts for virtually every commercial aircraft type.